Thermoformed trays

SPK Packaging Co., Ltd - manufactorer from Binh Duong Provine, Vietnam offers the alternatives to paper box, window box and acrylic box. 

The stand-alone thermoformed packaging, like blisters and clamshells, as well as vacuum-formed trays are used as inserts in clear plastic boxes. 
Clear vac-trays used in clear plastic boxes position package contents securely and create exciting aesthetics and the illusion of contents floating within the package.
Our thermoformed trays are precision-formed to create a secure package that is perfect for protecting your products. Thermoformed trays are a popular choice in the medical industry to hold small tools.
As with all of our thermoformed packaging products, if you supply us with a sample of the item, we can quote your project with ease.
Trays that come in folder or binder layout can be made with locking mechanisms to ensure product safety during transport. The most common uses of our thermoformed plastic trays hold discs, literature, USB flash drives.
A collection of products using custom thermoformed trays. Colors and sizes can be personalized for individual products. Phu Tro Packaging is expertly suited to create custom packaging that is both unique and functional, including thermoformed trays for concise organization.